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holy smokes. it's been FOREVERRRRRR.
i can't believe i still remember my password...
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I have completely neglected DA.
Normally, this wouldn't be so bad but I had some notes that I've only just read and responded to. My deepest apologies! I hope my answers are ok after so long!
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L12 & L13 baby.

My sweaty return to the east coast! Please stop by and say 'hi' and check out some comics!
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I've swapped coasts and am now living in L.A.! (wft, right?)
I got a job at Cartoon Network working as a writer/story boarder on the Regular Show. It won't be for a while yet, but please look forward to future episodes boarded by my talented partner, Benton, and me!

And if anyone has any sweet west coast tips, hit me up!
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Holy Smokes... Step away from the computer for a bit only to return and find you're got a daily deviation. Thank you so much and hello/welcome to all the new visitors!

I've just returned from a trip to CA and am just getting back to business so hang on a bit and I'll have things up(dating) and running again soon.
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happy discount chocolate day
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hold on to your hats people, 'cause i finally made a tumblr account!

i'm not used to it at all yet so please stop by and watch me struggle to get my act together. (any tips are welcome!)


and don't forget the ol' BLOG
if and how i decide to divide what i post between here, tumblr and my blog has yet to be seen but it seems like a good idea to keep all the bases covered for now.
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sometimes i wish i were hibernating...
I'll be busting around the convention and doing a little bit of work at the Publisher's Weekly booth this weekend. If you're around and about let me know because I want to hang out like we're in college making bad choices and spending money that's not ours! To hell with our GPA and totally square parents!
.....or something like that.
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It appears I've been neglecting my poor da account lately... has it really been since Otakon since I last posted?!

A belated thanks to everyone for their kindness at the con! I feel like there have been quite a few adds and watches to my account since then so THANK YOU ALL! Even though I have been quiet here, it warms my icy heart to see your internet love <3
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This weekend is the show down! I'll be at Otakon with :iconlauramw: at tables BB09-10. This is kinda in the armpit of the room and we've already been moved once so who really knows if this is the actual table number... if all else fails, the table is registered under 'Laura Wilson and Hilary Florido.'

I'll have my lino cuts, comics (which include Arabesque, Jardin des Lunettes and EXPIRED SEAFOOD) and some old silkscreen stuff. I am even making plans to undertake commissions.*gasp*

:iconromanshoubu: and :iconhamletmachine: have also entrusted me with their shining gems so OSCP and Starfighter will be present for purchase!

Please stop by and talk about silly things together with me as we bask in nerd paradise <3
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I totally bought my ticket to Otakon the other day. YES.

I'll be tabling with :iconlauramw: as per usual (why mess with a good thing?) and I admit a little worry as to what I'll be bringing along with me this year. Lord knows I always have a good time but the alley has grown and changed a lot since I started. Prints kinda dominate these days and it's not my strength...  My silver lining: I will be have the oyaji love anthology, Expired Seafood, with me! Kukuku, please look forward to it!
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I'm sorry little da account! I've been updating my blog  and not you...
driving to TCAF tomorrow with my trusty navigator!


*i believe it's table 136.....
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There's less than 48 hours left and it's time to get this done.
Check it out and PLEASE DONATE.
I have not been back to Toronto since I lived there as a wee little thing BUT THAT WILL ALL CHANGE MAY 8th.

I'll be at TCAF May 8th and 9th selling comics and hanging with the loveliest of ladies. I don't think I will have any new minis ;_; but the Oyaji comic anthology, Expired Seafood -->…, that I participated in will be there! The book is 114 pages and has a beautiful screen printed cover. All those 18+ please take a look.

Hope to see you there!

p.s. If anyone has a really short prompt for a mini, tell me! I'm a little depressed driving all the way to Canada with nothing new in my bag....
stop putting all these heavy rocks in my heart while i sleep.
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I'm REALLY trying to get my act together for this one. It's hard.
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i've been really into jumping jacks lately.
i hope no one sees me 'cause they are very dumb looking.
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